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As a little girl, I would wander through the windy cobblestone streets of Tuscany, amazed at what humans have built before me.  Inspired by all of the details, I knew that the world of art, architecture, and creativity is what I wanted to devote myself to..

Since then, I have studied interior design, completing my B.F.A degree and continuing on to sculpt projects worldwide. With a passion for perfecting the balance between art, function and the psychology of good design, I will never stop growing, while loving every moment. 


Our History


Ages of design and artistry passed down from generation to generation...


With design in her lineage since the 1600's,  Alexandra Bernini took her passion for interior spaces and the finer things in life to create Bernini Designs. Inspired by everything from nature to the city, she pays close attention to the colors, architectural details, movements, fashion trends and patterns in the world we live in. 

Our Expertise


Being in the field of Design since 2008, there are no limits on how to get creative or what you can accomplish..  

From a modern oceanfront condo, to a historic 19th century Midwestern mansion, Alexandra Bernini has the experience, background and skills to transform even the most challenging spaces to the environment of your dreams. Working with budgets of all sizes, we find a solution to everything! 

Our Commitment

"I am going to make everything around me beautiful- That will be my life."
-Elsie de Wolfe  



Bernini Designs commits to providing excellent service, one-of-a-kind designs, and going above and beyond for our clients. 

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